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Updated 23 May 2018

Your Data: Kept Safe and Used Properly

We are keen to ensure your personal data is treated well. We do not sell data to third parties. We aim to go beyond the high standards outlined in the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

By viewing the public facing directory of churches,, you may have a cookie placed on your machine for statistics purposes. This helps us to monitor how effectively the site is working and ensure we expand our network provision to meet increasing demand. Be assured that we never profile normal visitors to the site or invasively monitor them. Your IP address, browser details, times of visits, etc may be logged and used for statistical purposes, network security and fraud prevention.  Cookies may also be used to help you use the site more effectively. Should you wish to you can delete the cookies from your browser at any time.

By accessing the site you agree to the use of our cookies. If you do not wish us to utilise cookies on your machine then please disable them within your browser or leave the site and clear your cookies.

Church Contact Details:

One of the purposes of the church is to engage with people who are not currently part of the church.  Find a Church is a directory of the churches in the UK.  Contact details may include salutations, contact names, emails, telephone numbers and addresses. For some contacts we also hold roles to enable contact with the right person. Details regarding religion, e.g. denomination, are part of the church data and are not stored as part of an individual’s personal information. The details for the public church contact are made available via the directory. We may also hold details of people related to the church who can update the listing details or are there for billing purposes. These records are not publicly visible but may be seen and amended by a limited number of people who are considered part of the same church with the appropriate login details.

Purpose and Legal Basis:

We provide the directory service as it is in the interest of the churches to be contacted and it is in the interest of the general public to be able to contact churches. Our service is used by people looking to join churches, asking questions of faith, looking to rent church halls, arranging weddings/baptism/funerals and all sorts of other enquiries. We also provide assistance to local government, for example with enquiries about churches providing certain forms of assistance. The UK Church Directory Ltd also has a legitimate interest in providing the service, our mission statement is ‘to grow the church’ and we believe we’re helping do just that.

Data Retention:

Church data can have extensive longevity so contact details can stay the same for extremely long periods of time (e.g. a church phone number may not have changed in decades). We hold data supplied to us until we notice it has changed (e.g. a church website may include new contact details) or until the church/individual notifies us of a change. Churches and authorised individuals can login and update data easily.

Updating or Deleting Data:

We strive to keep the directory information as accurate as possible. We rely on input from churches and users to assist with this. If an update is required simply login (if you are authorised) or get in touch. For example, we aim to hold appropriate contact numbers for churches. If you have been issued with a phone number that used to belong to a church let us know and we can get it removed.

Third Parties:

We do not sell your data to third parties. Your church may also gain listings in additional directories powered by The UK Church Directory.

We use a variety of respected companies to provide services such as our website hosting. These companies act as data processors on our behalf (for example the servers hired in enterprise strength data centres may be used to store data). They are not permitted to use your data for their own purposes.

Who We Are:

The website at is provided by The UK Church Directory Ltd. You can write to us at Find a Church, PO Box 9299, Poole, BH4 0GR. You can get in touch via Our Company Registration Number is 04170344.

Your Rights:

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) you have numbers of rights. You can read about them at If you have a question about your data in the first instance it’s ideal for you to simply get in touch and we’ll see how we can help. If we, or any other organisation, get things badly wrong you also have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory body. We hope that won’t ever happen but it’s reassuring for you to know that we are subject to external controls.