The King's Church (Katherines and Sumners)

Church in Harlow

The King's Church (Katherines and Sumners)

Main Meetings:

Sun 10:30



Hymns & songs:

Songs of Fellowship, Others

Under 18s:




Local outreach & community activities:

Volunteers serve Freshwaters Contact Centre, Provide accommodation for Harlow Beekeepers, Harlow Seniors Photographic Group and Fizzy Totz. Support (accommodation & finance) Open Door schools ministry in Harlow, Partners in Harlow Foodbank. Provides accommodation for House of Mercy (Baptist) Church.

Other activities & ministries:

Prayer triplets, Ladies meeting (every two months).


Michael Yarrow, Liz Hirst, Albert Gunter (elders)

Affiliations & links:

Evangelical Alliance, Heart4Harlow

Main Bible:

New International Version

Average Congregation:

25 adults
5 under 18s

Special needs:

Accessible toilet, Accessible worship area, Hearing loop



Office Contact:

Michael Yarrow

Office Address:

The King's Church (Katherines and Sumners), Harlow

Email: Click to email

Meeting Venue

The King's Church (Katherines and Sumners), Harlow

Travel and Parking Info:

On site parking, Regal Busways bus number 11 from bus station (on Sundays only).


About Us:

We are a multicultural group of people who not only go to church, we are part of the Christian church in Harlow and throughout the world. We meet together: to get close to and worship God our father and his son the Lord Jesus; to teach and be taught; to enjoy friendship and fellowship with each other; to pray for one another's needs and for the needs of the community, the nation and the world. Because God is our father we do our best to behave in the way that a family should behave: loving, caring, sharing, protecting, providing, giving. We are a family where everyone is welcome - a family relating to one another with understanding and without prejudice.